This is hard for me to explain, so I will state the most normal about me first.
I'm very humanistic. I love video games, reading,crafting, and writing.
Now I will state the most abnormal - I'm not human.
Find this as a joke, but we all have beliefs and opinions. I'd rather you keep your rude ones to yourself, as I don't tolerate hate and closed mindedness. I'm here for friends and I'm here for more answers.
-This is no game, no lie. If you think that I am joking or playing, please leave.

28th January 2012


I do hope to not offend anyone but…

Why do most people who claim to be vampire or werewolf have borderline personality disorder? Does that increase the chances of one actually being human with a mental disease? I do know several personally who are not anything but human, but believe so deeply that they are something else, that you can’t tell them otherwise. So how does anyone with a personality disorder know for sure who they are?

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